I have been contributing to Italian free press newspaper Leggo for 16 years and, a few days ago, I was asked to write a personal article about a very delicate issue, such as body shaming. This is also the main focus of The Sweeties, a movie set for Italian release on August 1st and that has just premiered at Giffoni Film Festival, a kids’ international festival near Naples. Despite being very familiar with the topic, this is the first time I talk about my personal experience during my professional experience as journalist and I also consider this opportunity as a privilege, since (unfortunately) not everyone can have and share a voice through such a powerful platform.  

Pictures of the private cockail reception hosted by Prince Albert II from Monaco, during Monte-Carlo Tv Fest which I currently attend as a jury member. In 2016, 2017 with mister Chamberlain of his Highness, the fellow juror Elena Lai from Cepi and a guest, Marco Cocurullo, in 2018 with fellow jurors Simon Button, Donal O’Donaughe e Olger Potye. And what about 2019? As you can read in my article, no pictures taken

Here you can read my article, Confession of a plus size mind:

“Not too long ago, a former schoolmate posted a picture on Facebook, out of the blue. It was taken when we were elementary school students: the two of us were standing in front of her birthday cake. Comments were quick and sharp. The kindest of them all? “Be careful or she’ll eat you too”. I asked her on PM to delete them or, at least, tone down the statements. But she said I am too sensitive, touchy and not democratic at all: in her opinion, I just wanted people to shut up. That’s how a plus size life goes on. 
I have been a juror at Monte-Carlo TV Festival for many years so far. Her Highness Prince Albert II usually invites jurors and talents to a private reception at his palace with a specific dress code. I have always bought my dress out of Italy, but not this year. I was too busy, so I had to spend several weeks of online research and quests among Italian brands. Best case scenario: they suggested me some outfits created to hide my very uncomfortable size with an X in its name. Every shop assistant looked at me with disgust or pity, so I ended up buying the only available one – btw, a very expansive too – item.  Guess what? I haven’t taken any picture of the most magical evening of my professional year: that woman in that blue dress wasn’t me, but just a “charity” case of a compassionate brand.
After so many hard-hitting jokes about my “Nutella size”, I went on a diet: I was 130 pounds and 5’ 9’’. Thin, of course, but not happy.
Today, I no longer own a weight scale and I have stopped to weigh my state of peace. I smile when I look at myself in the mirror because, just to quote a size 14 friend, I’s rather live with two pounds more and be happy. Another journalist, Costanza Rizzacasa D’Orsogna, has suggested us on weekly magazine Sette to stop apologize for the space we occupy in the world and start asking for more respect. Agreed”.  

The article has been published on July 24th 2019, page 7, on free press newspaper Leggo, also avaible online here and quoted on the webmagazine Dagospia.